The high-stakes pension issue is boiling over in the Garden State, which has lead to an unprecedented event this week.

Governor Chris Christie addresses budget shortfalls in Trenton. (Governor's Office/Tim Larsen)

While Gov. Chris Christie is certainly not the first governor to short the state's pension fund, he is now the first to be sued for it.

The State Troopers Fraternal Association has filed suit, asking a judge to require Christie to make the full payment he promised.

The suit follows threats of similar action from the NJEA and CWA.

Ironically, the landmark pension and health benefit reforms signed in 2011 have set the stage for this lawsuit. That measure included a clause that requires a minimum payment.

If a judge orders a full payment from Christie, it could set off a domino effect of crippling budget cuts or tax hikes for an already stressed New Jersey economy.