Well, I predicted 75 to perhaps 80 yesterday.  And, it got to 78 in Atlantic City at the airport and 79 in Millville, Cumberland County, so it was close.  It was low 70s, though, at Newark Liberty Airport; just a 72 for them.

Today will be noticeably cooler with temps just into the 60s, but 50s near the ocean with the threat of some passing showers arriving.

Then, a mild night with another round of showers late and some fog with lows in the low to mid 50s.

An early shower then some fog Thursday becoming partly cloudy.  We may just nudge up to 68 to 72 tomorrow afternoon if we are lucky, but much cooler along the coast.

Early fog is possible again Friday, then clouds and sunshine and warmer.  Friday's highs could reach the low 80s, but still cooler near the ocean.

Saturday looks warm, as well.  There may a shower or thunderstorm chance by late in the day.  If not, Sunday looks cooler than it will be on Saturday.

That's it for now.  I'm going to be off for a little while.  I will be back next Thursday.