A New Jersey teacher says she was at her wits end. She claims she had endured a series of disrespectful outbursts from her first grade class and one student even physically attacked her.

So, after a bad day at the office, Jennifer O'Brien did what millions of us tend to do: vent on Facebook. She posted that she felt like a "warden for future criminals." That will likely cost her her tenured job at the Paterson school where she works. The post was only intended for her 333 "friends," but it was forwarded to others -- including parents -- and that's where the trouble started.

An Administrative Law Judge called O'Brien's actions "inexcusable" and recommended that she be fired. The New Jersey Education Commissioner has the final say. He has 45 days to decide if he agrees with the judge, or modify the ruling.

This is the just the latest case of a Facebook posting ending up in court. Legal and Social Networking experts say it wont be the last. It serves as another reminder to everyone that ANYTHING you put on-line is there for all the world to see, and you never know who is watching.