Last night Donald Trump shocked the world and won the 2016 Presidential Election. As the dust began to settle on Trump's presidential victory, I was joined this morning by Save Jersey blogger Matt Rooney to talk about what it mean locally, here in NJ.

I asked Matt specifically what he thinks the impact a Trump victory will have on the stae, more specifically if it will mean a change for Governor Christie.  "If Chris Christie takes a job in Washington, does that mean Kim Guadagno is our next governor and what does that mean for New Jersey?" Rooney said. We both agreed that Trump's victory will not leave Jersey short of political storylines anytime soon.

The fact that ballot question 2 passed last night, might make for some interesting primaries come June. As Rooney stated, Trump opened a brand new playbook for politics. Trump proved that "forces against us like question 2 can be overcome with the right candidate with the right message. So we've got to learn from that and carry it into 2017," Rooney said.

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