Every Friday at noon Dennis and Judi take a break from the work week and have some fun with the ‘Dennis and Judi Music Hour.’ Every week the theme switches and this week’s theme was “the songs that make you cry.” You know the songs we’re talking about, the one’s that bring back a memory, happy or sad, that bring a tear to your eye.  These are the songs that also make Judi utter her famous phrase "ARE YOU CRYING?!"   Here’s a list of the listeners picks, as well as Dennis and Judi's, of tear-jerking favorites.

Dennis' pick:

'My Eyes Adored You' by Frankie Valli

Judi's pick:

'All By Myself' from Eric Carmen

John from Dayton

'Do You Remember?' - from Phil Collins

Rob in Mystic Island

'The Wind Beneath My Wings' - Bette Midler

John from Palmyra -

'Seasons in the Sun' - Terry Jacks

Chris from Brielle

'If You Leave Me Now' - Chicago

Sherri in Magnolia

'Daddy Don't Walk So Fast' - Wayne Newton

Peggy from Cedar Grove

'Turn Around and Look at Me' - The Vogues

Patrick in Farmingdale

'In Loving Memory' - Alterbridge

Dave from Manalapan

'Just Breathe' - Pearl Jam

Bob in Flemington

'If' by Bread

Penny from Frenchtown

'Thank You' by Led Zeppelin

What are some of your sappy favorite that make you cry that didn't make this list? Leave your picks in the comment field below.