My nice car was looking...not so great, lately.  So, I finally treated my mobile office to a "makeover."

Its just light snow...this time. (Craig Allen photo)

We've had all these days of flurries...and lots of road salt.

To the deer, my car was looking like a tasty, mobile salt lick! (Craig Allen photo)

Every time I'd get ready to commit to a wash, here comes more flurries...and more road salt!  Back and forth, and back and forth to the station...and, like the miles, the grime just kept piling on!

Finally, I could put it off no more! My car was a bad reflection on me. Seriously! As you can see above, there was little (literal) reflection when looking at my car!

MUCH better, Car Wash guys! Thanks! (Craig Allen photo)

Now, when I'm home, my temporarily-shiny car lives in the garage.

And, I no longer park anywhere near the station building. Or under any trees!  The fact is, my shiny car is (once again) a big bullseye!  Lets face it, even though its winter, we still live in "flyover country!"  Need I elaborate?

Of course, NOW I'm afraid of MORE (freezing) rain, the snow and ice! Like below...

It was just a few Saturdays ago... (Craig Allen photo)

WAIT! Whats this...rumors about something big in the middle of the week?!

I'm going right to the ACCURATE source: Alan Kasper's 5 Day Forecast, here at

I probably should have done that first.