As a Christian, I'm used to people disagreeing with me, and I'm not offended by it. I love the discussions that come from differing beliefs.

There's been a lot of buzz this morning over whether New Jersey's public schools are right to do away with Halloween celebrations for the sake of diversity, so I thought I'd share my perspective.

While my relationship with Jesus Christ leads me to abstain from certain things promoted during this season (ghost hunting and emulating goriness, for example), it also convinces me that it's not loving to force my beliefs or preferences on other people.

Ultimately, I think recognizing Halloween in the public school system is a better promotion of diversity than simply nixing the festivities so that a few people aren't offended. Allowing families to decide for themselves whether they will participate in any holiday celebration creates more organic, understanding opportunities for discussion about culture and belief systems between people of different backgrounds than mandatory participation or a ban.

I think we can all agree that it's better to have a kid dress up as a superhero than a masked killer. But if teachers are merely worried about costumes distracting kids or being inappropriate, have a dress code.

Bottom line: If you don't support Halloween, learn to live amid peer pressure without compromising your values. If you do celebrate Halloween, enjoy it without belittling others. But regardless of where you stand, live in love and be respectful of those around you.

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Kira Buxton is producer of The Jim Gearhart Show and a professional photographer-videographer. You can reach her at