I caught this story about a new business in Georgia that is becoming popular with both drunks and athletes. It is called "Hydration Station" and it offers oxygen and IV's for athletes who have trained hard and revelers who have partied hard.

The contents of the intravenous drips varies depending on which package you buy, but those who are nursing a hangover generally get a drip with sterile salt water, a mix of vitamins, an anti-nausea drug, and an antacid. Business Insider describes the facility as being dimly lit with recliners.

They report that on weekends, 75% of Hydration Station are hungover. Paramedics are employed to administer the drips. Now, there's no evidence that any of this works, outside of a minor recovery from dehydration for those who suffer it, but many of the patrons swear by it. The owner of the business is hoping that one day most of his clients will be athletes looking to recover after a strenuous workout.