Would you have a problem putting a cross at National September 11 museum? A group of Cranford-based American Atheists do and they’re filing a lawsuit to stop it.

The suit claims that including the cross in a museum on the public property amounts to an unconstitutional government endorsement of religion. I say the cross represents the beliefs of  many police, fighters, and innocent victims who lost their lives on that dreadful day.


The National Sept 11 museum is about people. The cross represents the beliefs of a great portion of those people. I also have no problem with any other religious symbols being there representing the beliefs of others who died. In fact, for the atheists, we can even leave a patch of nothing.  The cross, which is actually 2 intersecting steel beams found amid the wreckage of the collapsed twin towers, would be among more than 1,000 objects including fire trucks, an ambulance, and the 37 foot “Last Column” left standing on the site of the World Trade Center.  I say it stays, what do you think? Take our poll below.