If you're a horror fan like me, you're beyond excited for the new "It" film. The trailer alone is great:

Even if you don't know much about "It" (book, movie, or mini series), you probably know about the super creepy opening where Pennywise the dancing clown lures young Georgie into the sewer.

Youtube screengrab

So what would Pennywise have to say to convince someone from New Jersey into the sewer? We have a few ideas:

"I have pork roll!"

"You can pump your own gas down here!"

"It smells better than the Turnpike down here!"

Youtube screengrab

"No tolls down here!"

"Pot is legal down here!"

"The gas tax isn't in place down here!"

Youtube screengrab

"The property taxes are low down here!"

"You can move faster down here than on the Parkway!"

"Chris Christie can't fit down here!"

Can you think of anything else that Pennywise could say to someone from New Jersey to lure him or her into the sewer? Comment below or tweet us @NJ1015!

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