Two people have been arrested following the discovery of 86 cats and dogs in a West New York apartment.

ABC 7 reported two women, a mother and daughter, were charged with animal cruelty. Police are looking for a third person. Officials from the West New York Health Department told NBC 4 New York the women were accepting money for adopting unwanted animals.

West New York Commissioner Susan Colacurcio says animal control officers found the animals Friday after a neighbor reported a foul odor coming from a nearby apartment. She says they were in "horrific, deplorable" condition.

West New York Health Director Dr. Gina Miranda-Diaz says the cats were in cages covering a 12-foot wall and the dogs were hiding in closets. She isn't sure how many can be saved.

A video of the apartment by the news website Hudson County View showed a normal, clean living room and dining room. The animals were kept in the apartment's bedrooms and bathroom with newspapers spread all over, urine  soaked rugs, an unusable shower and a strong odor through out.

Vincent Asocolese, animal control officer for the Bergen County Protect and Rescue, told the news site he is trying to place the animals and get them looked at.

The Associated Press contributed to this report

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