ran this piece on body language and telltale signs that someone isn't telling you the truth. They of course relate it to whether a boss is being honest with you but I imagine most of us will use these in terms of a more personal relationship.

The fourth one down on the list is the most interesting to me, because the avoiding eye contact part is obvious but the sudden overuse of eye contact is something I bet most people wouldn't have realized is a sign of a lie.

Here is the full list.

  1. A change in the voice's pitch.
  2. A change in the rate of speech.
  3. A sudden increase in the number of "ums" and "ahs."
  4. A change in eye contact. Normally, one makes eye contact one-quarter to one-half of the time. If suddenly, at the convenient moment to lie, he's staring at you or looking away, beware.
  5. Turning his body away from you, even if just slightly.
  6. Suddenly being able to see the white on the top and bottom of a person's eyes, not just the sides.
  7. A hand reaching, even if momentarily, to cover part of the face, especially the mouth.
  8. Nervous movement of feet or legs.