This week on the show I was joined by two musical legends who will take part in a great concert featuring some rock legends this weekend in Atlantic City.  I was fortunate to  be joined by singer/songwriter Gary Wright and Ambrosia's David Pack.

Wright, a Cresskill New Jersey native, will be performing as part of David Pack's Rock Legends show that also features Jim Peterik who wrote "Eye of the Tiger," Vehicle, and John Elefante, former lead singer of Kansas. It's a lineup of musical all stars!

Most fans remember Wright for the hit song "Dreamweaver," but as I pointed out, the song "Love is Alive" has a hook that just gets stuck in your head.

Wright explained just how "Love is Alive" came together. "I was playing some half- written songs and I was trying to look for something that might morph into a chorus and sure enough I found the part that goes 'my heart is on fire and my soul is like a wheel that's turning and that became the chorus," Wright stated.

We also discussed his friendship with the legendary George Harrison and the differences between the music industry now and when he was writing songs. Wright had an interesting take on it.  Wright referenced artists of the late 60's like Crosby, Stills & Nash, Joni Mitchell and Jackson Browne who had such support along the way. "It was a time when the record companies supported the artists career. They were like the kings of ancient time. You know, they'd give people a stipend. It's not like that now, like you know, you have to pay o play."

Then at later on in the show, the man who put this entire show together, David Pack, the Grammy-winning  singer and songwriter called in as well.

Pack, the lead singer of Ambrosia talked about the inspiration for the band's classic hit 'Biggest Part of Me," a song Pack's performed at the wedding of singer Michael McDonald and he also performed it at the Bill Clinton inauguration in 1993. 

"I'd say that 'Biggest Part of Me' has become like my personal theme song," Pack told me.

Pack has performed with some of rock's biggest names including Ann Wilson, Todd Rundgren and Alan Parsons on the "Walk Down Abbey Road" tour. "Listen, it's an honor and a privilege. That tour was incredible," Pack said

 Pack will be performing this weekend at The Borgata with Gary Wright, John Elefante former lead singer of Kansas, and Jim Peterik, the Grammy winning co-writer of Eye Of The Tiger as part of the David Park Rock Legends show. You are not going to want to miss it!

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