How cool.

A 7 year old from Belvidere made sure to have enough hair so that she can donate it to a charity that makes wigs for children suffering from any illness that would cause them to lose their hair.

Her mission started 2 years earlier. Abigail Torres is her name, and here’s her story:

Seven-year-old Abigail Kenni Torres of Belvidere began growing out her hair when she was 5 to be able to donate to Locks of Love, an organization that provides hairpieces to children suffering from long-term medical hair loss from any diagnosis.

Torres became aware of the program after seeing a news broadcast about a girl her age who lost her hair because of an illness.

"She asked a lot of questions as to why this happens and why she is sick," said mother Christine Secor. "This story touched some place down deep in Abby’s heart and she asked if she could do something to make other little girls feel pretty too. She didn't want anyone to feel bad or unhappy because they didn't have hair."

At the time, Torres didn't have enough inches of hair in order to donate, but she began growing it out and trimming and measuring her hair every four months at a salon in Dover.

"Abby has been focused on taking very good care of her hair and has been waiting until she could give it away to someone else who wanted it and could use it to feel beautiful," Secor said.

Two years and 10 inches later, Torres was finally able to donate her hair to the organization. The hair she donated will be used in a custom hairpiece for a child in need, and Secor said Torres cannot wait to donate again.

Who would think that someone at the age of 5 would be so moved by a news report that she’d be on a 2 year mission to grow her hair so that others may benefit.

What a beautiful story, all made possible by a beautiful child.

Abigail Kenni Torres – Today’s Ray’s Ray of Hope