In case you may not have noticed, winter hat trends have become a bit... extreme. Some brands are making "beard hats" that cover the face and neck while others have profited well from producing furry animal hats complete with a scarf and gloves, or "pet paws" to also cover the hands. From hats with bright colors, hair designs and more, check out these hysterically outrageous winter hats that are sure to attract attention on cold winter days!

This eye-catching winter hat creatively captures the look of a Star Wars Storm Trooper but with a wild (mohawk) twist!

As if wearing a hand-made horned helmet is not enough, this one has a braided mustache and beard of golden locks long enough to most definitely keep anyone who dares to wear this "hat" warm on cold winter days.


Flashy to say the least, this bright and fuzzy hat is a guaranteed attention-getter. We must admit that regardless of the humorous appearance, it does look pretty warm!

Christmas may have passed, but that doesn't mean one can't show his love for Santa by sporting this hysterical Santa winter hat. Complete with a mustache and beard, this Santa Hat is sure to turn heads this season!'ll certainly be warm with this crazy-looking contraption on! Plus, you'll be fully protected wearing this if you're planning to hit the hills and slopes this winter season.

Somewhere between weird and adorable lies these handmade flower hats with long pigtails for babies. While these should only be worn on Halloween, they indeed exist and can be purchased all year long!


Just because these animal hats have recently become a "trend" does not mean that they aren't completely ridiculous looking! From bears to dogs, cats and more, there seems to be one of these costume-esque winter hats with paws for all different types of animal lovers.


Have you ever seen anyone wearing these hats? Which one is the most outrageous? Tell us below in the comments field!