A fully operational heroin production facility in Cliffside Park was busted this week by New Jersey State Police Detectives assigned to the Drug Trafficking North Unit, in conjunction with the New York Drug Enforcement Task Force.

Heroin drug packing in shoe soles/ Julio Cesar Mendoza, 34, of NY (Photos/ NJ Office of Attorney General)

Investigators found a fully operational heroin production facility from which they seized approximately 16 pounds of heroin, some in insole-type packaging. They also found distribution quantities of crystal methamphetamine and numerous items related to the processing and packaging of drugs.  The street value of the narcotics seized is estimated to be $6,000,000.

Julio Cesar Mendoza was arrested with two kilos of heroin secured around his waist. The kilos were shaped like thick insoles of shoes, possibly indicating a way they may have been smuggled into the country.  Mendoza is believed to be the primary operator of the drug operation.  He faces various charges.

“Every detective, agent and officer involved in this operation can be proud of the gift they have given to our region this holiday season. That is a lot of drugs that will never poison our residents, and the intelligence gathered will hopefully lead to further disruption of the drug trade,” said Colonel Rick Fuentes, Superintendent of the New Jersey State Police.

DEA Special Agent in Charge Brian Crowell stated, “The DEA Task Force and the New Jersey State Police found and dismantled a heroin mill containing enough heroin to produce hundreds of thousands of bags of heroin destined for the Tri-State area. Due to law enforcement’s efforts, nearly $6 million worth of heroin was found hidden in a house located in a quiet suburban community.”