Senate President Steve Sweeney was among democrats who could not get to a microphone fast enough to tear Governor Christie's budget proposal apart.

"He's wrong," Sweeney said, "and we're not going to stand back and support an income tax cut that's only going to benefit the wealthy and give crumbs to the middle class."

But Sweeney now says it's not all bad.

Speaking with New Jersey 101.5's Jim Gearhart this morning he says he agrees with the Governor on the need for more help for parents of special needs children.

Listen to the full interview:

But the praise stopped there.

Sweeney agrees people want lower taxes. But Democrats, he says, want to lower property taxes. When asked how they intend to lower property taxes, Sweeney said there was no formal plan.

Several business groups have come out in support of the Governor's income tax cut, saying it will create jobs. Sweeney disagrees. He retreated to the standard mantra of "Tax Breaks for the Rich.