Word is, Facebook's on the verge of launching a "dislike" button after all these years of one-click positivity.

Our own Kira Buxton told us a few days ago what about New Jersey would have her using the social network's latest feature ... but it turns out Kira's not nearly as bitter about some aspects of the Garden State as the New Jesery 101.5 audience.

When we asked about the dislike button on Facebook ... well, you folks weren't exactly bashful. We love New Jersey, and we're sure you do, too — but here's just some of your pet peeves.

You might notice a few trends — taxes, beach costs, roads and politicians people love to hate. But you'll find some surprises in here, too. Minor edits have been made for punctuation and spelling.

  1. Jeremy Cerone: I would give a thumbs down to having to share the state with North Jersey, which provides the negative stereotypes people have about New Jersey.
  2. Donald Peter: Thumbs down to New Yorkers that say how great and how much better they are but then move to Jersey. Thumbs down to the Democrat party that still say's "Jersey doesn't have a spending problem, Jersey has a revenue problem." Assembly Democrat President Vincent Prieto and the people that vote for Democrats.
  3. Angelo Massaro: Property taxes, property taxes, property taxes!
  4. Michelle B. Aaronson: Taxes too high.
  5. Greg Winters: Over taxed !
  6. Janet Moskowitz: Drivers, hello — if you cut me off on Route 9 and the speed limit is 55 mph do not go 20 mph.
  7. Kenneth Dotsey: Just a thumbs down to traffic engineers who treat us like idiots and create the road rage in this state. You don't have such horrible wacko situations in most other states and there are more user friendly roads elsewhere also.
  8. Elaine Lotcpeich: The first one would be Christie!
  9. Mituzas Joseph: Thumbs down to every post about Chris Christie
  10. Leonard Birenbaum Berness: Anything about Christie
  11. Scott Dipierro: Thumbs down to anything Christie says
  12. Paul Bentsen: Chris Christie!!!
  13. AnnMarie MacKenzie: Number 1 should include the Parkway, Route 24 and road construction in general. Then property taxes. Then auto insurance ...
  14. Ann Hollering: I would use it (the dislike button) when people constantly complain about something.
  15. Frank Fazekas: 1) Christie, 2) Taxes (tolls are the same as taxes), 3) Wasting taxpayer money to have state troopers babysit road workers, 4) Traffic, 5) No alcohol sales in grocery stores (except for TJ's & the ShopRite in Burlington!).
  16. Johnson Marcie: I love NJ — not the shore. I don't like the ocean but lived here for 50 years. My mom 'n' dad moved here in 1965
  17. Janice Moseley: Thumbs down to all the traffic.
  18. Dina Huff: Kunz Property taxes, traffic, the way we are stereotyped
  19. Suzanne Ziola Mazzuoccolo: I would give thumbs down to all the people that feel they have to be nasty to what others post. It gets tiring.
  20. Peter Tufano: (The state is) run by scam artists ... finding new ways to pick your pockets daily! Sickening!
  21. Dienene C Williams: Traffic
  22. Margaret Shea Machos: I'd thumbs down insanely high property taxes, jug handles, too many moronic and rude drivers, making people pay for using the beaches, when they over charge for anything connected to being at the beach.
  23. Lillian Tibus: Traffic, taxes, jug handles, cold attitudes, and road construction.
  24. Brian Foley: Taxes
  25. Steven L. Chait: 1. Taxes, 2. Taxes, 3. Taxes, 4. Taxes, 5. Taxes
  26. Dianne Senko: What I hate about NJ, well first of all, the super high taxes, then unaffordable housing. I hate the traffic, but most of all, I hate the weather!
  27. Gloria Kurkowski: We are taxed, paying tolls and paying to use our beaches. We pay way too much for everything.
  28. Kathryn Lemanski: Bennys
  29. Lee Grzesiuk: Labor unions
  30. Paulette Marie: Extremely high property taxes for people without kids
  31. Brian Torres: High property tax, high car insurance rates, high medical insurance rates, Jersey Shore cast still roaming around, MTV, Chris Christie, Camden, North Jersey people thinking they are better than south and central NJ people
  32. Joe DiMatteo: Property taxes, auto insurance, crappy roads, no self-serve gas, no recreational marijuana.
  33. Lou DeGeorge: The saying "Down the shore" or " going to the shore."
  34. Michael Roque: Traffic, high cost of living, never-ending road construction, lack of good jobs.
  35. Jessica Cinds: Major DISLIKE having to pay for our own beaches that we use only 3 months out of the year!
  36. Spiro Wallace: Thumbs down on everything! Taxes, roads, jobs, eye sores, bad 'n' crooked governor, etc
  37. Carol Alfis-Becker: High property taxes, Christie is governor, paying to get on the beaches, Planned Parenthood defunding, minimum wage not high enough, teachers getting paid little
  38. Ria Jairam: Gun laws, high taxes, traffic. Might as well just say "Democratic legislators" and call it a deal
  39. Dorothy Ruth: The traffic and out of state drivers who don't know and won't obey our parking lot right of way laws!
  40. Michael Valladares: Beach badges, toll roads, jury duty, springtime pot holes, Sunday blue laws, and dishonest politicians.
  41. Jenna Falcone: Locals paying to go to the beach. My ID says Point Pleasant, I shop in town whenever I can, try to help small businesses in my town, let me take my children to the beach with out it being a $50 day. And Christie.
  42. Rebecca Naphys: Car insurance, taxes, infrastructure, nanny laws, PARCC testing!
  43. Sueann Capela: Chri$tie, taxes, lack of job growth, traffic, Chri$tie!!!
  44. Peter Carroll: Everything but the pizza. Since I escaped to Florida the pizza is the only thing I miss.
  45. Deborah Pfeiffer Cassidy Ziner: Property taxes, auto insurance rates and Chris Christie.
  46. Brianna Marie DiBella: Property taxes, tolls, cost of car insurance, cost of medical insurance, unions (we use them too much and use materials that constantly need attention, i.e. the roads. Concrete would last much longer without maintenance than asphalt does. So the Parkway may not need to be constantly under construction and we can have funding back to the department of transportation).
  47. Ines Gisondi Terway: Taxes.
  48. Karen Rumpler: Traffic, tolls, noisy neighbors at the beach, me not having more time to enjoy my biannual trips to the Shore and the sadness of having the A&P closing.
  49. Dave Joanne DiLauri: Very corrupt politicians ... property taxes, our schools, our colleges (tuition's outrageous) ... paying still to use the GSP, paying to get on a beach.
  50. Theresa Thompson Truax: Taxes, car insurance.
  51. Cathy Conover Bronsky: CAR INSURANCE!
  52. Justin Santonastaso: Property taxes x5
  53. Paul Dunaway: Taxes
  54. Kelly Petruzzi-Hiller: Dirty roads, congestion, high housing and tax rates and unfriendly people.
  55. Diana Cameron Deer: The traffic on NJ's roads
  56. David Saam: Property taxes, idiots from N. Jersey.
  57. Marc Vojnich: Tolls!
  58. Paul Kendzulak: Property taxes. No longer a NJ resident because of high taxes.
  59. Kerri Patterson Allen: Road construction and people referring to New Jersey as Jersey
  60. Maybe Lauren Glenn would have preferred we ask a more positive question: This thread.

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