Wouldn't it be nice to have $6,500 just kicking around?

That's the value of the Hyundai Elantra lease we're giving away in cooperation with DCN Hyundai. It's easy and free to enter — complete simple activities like visiting DCN's Facebook page or sharing the contest on Twitter.

You'll want to follow DCN on Facebook for updates on the contest, too.

We got to wondering ... what sort of Jersey goodies could you afford if you didn't have to shell out that $6,500 yourself? We did a little quick math:

• Feeling hungry? At $1.06 an ounce, you could buy 6,132 ounces of pre-sliced Taylor Ham.

• Anybody been pissing youze off? We know a guy who knows a guy. But you're gonna need one of your 334 $19.42 shovels to get rid of the body.

• You'd be off the hook for about one sixth of the estimated $39,166 Gov. Chris Christie's family would have paid in taxes for their Mendham home last year.

• Oh, dear. You're going to need to work out how much your gym membership will be for yourself, but feel free to load up on 962 Fat Cat sandwiches from RU Hungry or one of the Rutgers Grease Trucks. That is a lot of burger meat and more French fries than we can count

• "Blinded by the Light" is going to be stuck in your head forever, after you pick up 929 copies of Bruce Springsteen's "Greetings from Asbury Park."

• Somewhere around the fourth or fifth cup of coffee, we tend to get a little jittery. We don't even want to think about how we'll feel 5,038 cups from WaWa in.

• We hope you like rides. You could buy 89 general admission tickets to Six Flags Great Adventure, for $72.99 each.

• Your hair will never move. Not when you've got 722 cans of hair spray in your bathroom cabinet (you might want to set aside some money for a bigger bathroom cabinet).

• That's 750 pounds of gooey, chewy goodness — in the form of 325 2-pound boxes of Shriver's saltwater taffy.

• We don't want to keep you in the dark ... but if you've got tinted windows, you could pay 120 $54 tickets before dipping into your own money.