Ending months of speculation, State Senator Joe Kyrillos today launches his campaign to be the Republican candidate for US Senate.

Kyrillos has  appearances today in Lincroft and Marlton to make the announcement.ul

The Middletown resident struck familiar GOP themes as he threw his hat in the ring.

“Our ballooning debt isn't just some giant number on a spreadsheet,” said Kyrillos according to a press release. “It's a crisis that today undermines the strength of our country and tomorrow will bankrupt our children. Yet the guys who got us into this mess, our President and Bob Menendez, are running for re-election. They made things worse, and they’re promising more of the same. They offer us nothing new or different—just more of the same: More spending, more debt, more job-killing regulation.”

Kyrillos has represented New Jersey's 13th Legislative District since 1988. He is also Senior Managing Director of Colliers International, a commercial real estate services firm and  an advisor to the Newport Capital Group in Red Bank.

Kyrillos He'll have at least one opponent in a primary.

Menendez, meanwhile, sounded equally familiar Democrat themes is a press release about Kyrillos' candidacy.

"If twenty year Trenton Insider and former State Republican Party Chair Joe Kyrillos should win the Republican Primary, the contrast is stark. Senator Kyrillos voted against making taxes fairer for the middle class and supported unfair tax cuts for millionaires. Senator Kyrillos has cozied up to the extremists who oppose investing in stem cell research, would deny a woman’s right to choose and resist common sense gun safety laws.”