NJ101.5 has partnered with local animal rescue organizations EASEL Animal Rescue League and Friends of EMAS (Edison Municipal Animal Shelter) to feature adoptable local pets in need of homes. Help us find these pets homes by sharing this information with family members and friends who may be interested in adopting a shelter pet.

Adopt Hansel and Gretel

Hansel and Gretel (Photo courtesy of Friends of EMAS)

Hansel and Gretel came to the Edison Municipal Animal Shelter as older kittens from a rescue where they had very little socialization, and did not trust anyone. Thankfully, a wonderful volunteer stepped up to foster these two siblings, where they have now been for months. Their foster mom said it has been a joy to see Hansel and Gretel grow and learn what human love is all about.

Hansel and Gretel are always up to the most adorable, playful antics and they are just delightful! Gretel is the leader and she will come up to greet you and roll over for a chin scratch. She is a delicate, dilute calico girl who is so trusting and affectionate. Hansel is still a bit shy and waits for Gretel to lead him. Once he gets comfortable, he will let you pet him. He is a handsome, grey tiger with gorgeous, soulful eyes.

Hansel and Gretel are bonded so we are looking for a special family that will adopt both of them. They both get along well with other cats and cat-friendly dogs. They love the other pets in their foster home.

If you're interested in meeting Hansel and Gretel or adopting them, please email us at EAS@edisonnj.org or call us at 732-248-7278. You can see more adoptable cats from Friends of EMAS here or download a PDF copy of the application form here.

Adopt Wanda

Wanda (Photo courtesy of EASEL)

Wanda arrived at the Ewing Animal Shelter with a dog named Clyde, who we think is her son. She’s a young and friendly Pit Bull mix. At first, Wanda can be nervous with strangers, but she warms up quickly. She walks well on a leash and she’s getting weekly training lessons to help her with other commands. Wanda will probably not get bigger, so she will remain a medium-sized dog.

If you’re interested in learning more about Wanda or to schedule a visit, email dogs@easelnj.org or call 609-883-0540. Find more of EASEL’s adoptable dogs and puppies here or download a PDF copy of the application form here.

Adopt Blue

Blue (Photo courtesy of Friends of EMAS)

Blue is our very large, furry friend at the Edison Municipal Animal Shelter. He is about two years old and weighs 110 pounds. At first glance, you might think he is a very big German Shepherd, but we think he might be a King Shepherd. He is quite a showstopper, to say the least. When Blue is outside, he is very content to relax in the sun. Blue can be intimidating to strangers because he tends to bark at people he doesn't know, which makes him a fantastic watch dog. Once he gets to know you, he will wag his tail, sit nicely with his puppy-dog eyes and wait patiently for a treat. He'll also give you a nice shake hello with his paw. When he trusts you fully, he will roll over for a belly rub.

Blue is very smart, listens well and very focused. We hope his pet parents will have a challenging job for him to do and give him plenty of exercise to keep him stimulated and content. Potential adopters need to be aware of his strength and his reactivity toward strangers. It's preferable that Blue's potential adopters have experience with an intelligent herding dog. A high and secure, fenced-in yard is recommended. His coat will require regular brushing as well. While Blue has his own personality, we encourage you check out some general information about the King Shepherd here.

If you're interested in meeting Blue or fostering/adopting him, please email us at EAS@edisonnj.org or call 732-248-7278. You can see more adoptable dogs from Friends of EMAS here or download a PDF copy of the application form here.

Adopt Angus

Angus (Photo courtesy of EASEL)

Angus is a handsome cat with a charismatic personality who is being housed at the Ewing Animal Shelter. He is mostly white with black patches. He can be a bit reserved when first meeting new people, but he warms up fast after a handful of kitty treats. He is very affectionate and will gladly purr as you stroke and scratch him. Angus has a cute meow when asking for more attention.

To schedule a visit to meet Angus, please email kitty@easelnj.org or call 609-883-0540. You can find more of EASEL’s adoptable cats and kittens here, or download a PDF copy of the application form here.