At 8pm February 9th, 1964 history was made at CBS Studio 50.

Terry Fincher / Hulton Archive / Getty Images

It was one of those iconic events.  If you experienced it, you will never forget it.

50 years ago tonight history was made.  The history wasn't just about the music.  It was the music by four lads from Liverpool England that greatly influenced our culture.

The event took place in an unassuming New York television studio on Broadway at West 53rd Street.  In 1964 it was CBS Studio 50.  The name was changed during the late 60's to The Ed Sullivan Theater.  The 19 story structure for the past 20 years has been the home of "The Late Show Starring David Letterman."

I'm sure you've witnessed videos of the 728 people in the audience going berserk as the Beatles performed live, not lip synched, during the telecast.

Just in case you haven't, or would like to enjoy a piece of their appearance again, here it is.

A whopping 73 million people watched that performance of  John, Paul, George, and Ringo sing for the first time while gathered around their black and white TV's.

Here's something you may not know.  A section of the stage backdrop was signed by The Fab Four that night.  The boys also drew caricatures of themselves next to their signatures.

Someone had the forethought to preserve that piece of history.  The backdrop will go to auction later this year.  Appraisers estimate it may worth over a million dollars.

To commemorate this historic event, as Ed Sullivan would say, "A Reelly Big Shew", will air on CBS tonight at 8pm titled, "The Beatles: The Night That Changed America-A Grammy Salute."

For me, the wonderful thing about this anniversary is that it's about something positive.  It's not about a day like 911, Sandy, or the J.F.K. assassination, that at the time was still so fresh in everyone's minds.

Isn't it nice for a change to remember something that makes us smile?