While going to the gym regularly can be rewarding, there are often many factors there that can become overwhelming. Besides avoiding the crowds and high monthly fees, sometimes all it takes to motivate us is a nice change of scenery. Lately we've been reminding you of the many ways to enjoy the Jersey Shore besides just laying on the beach in the summer. With all the great views at the beautiful parks, trails and boardwalks nearby, why not take advantage of the Jersey Shore for your spring exercising routine? As we prepare for the summer season, here are some of the most popular activities to stay fit and healthy at the Jersey Shore this Spring!

  • Walking/ Running

    The most popular outdoor exercise activities at the shore by far are walking, jogging and running. Almost every beach at the Jersey Shore has a path, boardwalk or even a nearby park with great trails. Spring is also a great time for walking or running along the sand - you'll get a great workout and the calming sound of the waves and cooler weather are refreshing compliments! Looking to take running on for a cause? Check out njshorerun.com for local information about charity runs and races at the Jersey Shore!

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  • Biking

    Fun for the whole family, biking along the boards at the Jersey Shore has become more and more popular each summer season. During early mornings in beach towns like Ocean City and Wildwood, you'll find people of all ages out riding bikes up and down the boardwalk. Be sure to check the rules - some towns only allow bikes in certain areas and/ or at certain times of the day and others simply don't allow bikes on the boardwalk. Visit our New Jersey Beaches page for a listing of official town websites. Discover the best Jersey Shore parks with paths for biking!

    Ocean City Boardwalk, oceancity-nj.com
  • Yoga

    One of the most popular ways to stay fit, flexible and mentally sound is by practicing yoga. Originated in ancient India, yoga has grown exponentially here in the US with people young and old practicing various forms of yoga to stay healthy and balanced. The calming ocean waves and pristine soft sand at the Jersey Shore makes for the perfect environment for yoga! In fact, with a little research you'll find that some local health and wellness studios and yoga instructors actually offer yoga classes on the beach! Click here for a list of beach yoga classes in New Jersey!

  • Hiking

    If the monotonous routine of running doesn't suit you, a great way to appreciate the natural beauty at the Jersey Shore while keeping your heart rate elevated is to go hiking. Spring marks an excellent time of year to spend time outdoors exploring some of the best hiking trails in eastern New Jersey. Not sure where to hike? We recommend Jakes Branch County Park in Beachwood and Wells Mills County Park in Waretown. Visit njhiking.com for hiking guides, photos, maps and more throughout New Jersey!

  • Eating Healthy

    While this one seems to go without saying, eating healthy can sometimes be a challenge. The Jersey shore is loaded with amazing restaurants that don't always make it easy to stick to a healthy diet. With a strong will and these easy-to-make superfoods, you'll look better, feel better and even have the energy to keep going!

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