Before there were HD and 3D video game graphics, there was Frogger. There were many video games that were 80s staples, here are our favorite 5. Be sure to "Leave A Comment" at the bottom of the page. What was your favorite 80s video game?

  • Donkey Kong

    Before this ape went around collecting bananas, animal tokens and launching himself out of barrel cannons, he was a menace who kidnapped Princess Peach! It was our job to climb steel girders, dodge crazy fireballs and look out for flying barrels as we made our way to Kong in order to save the Princess.

  • Tetris

    It takes a very strong willed person to not become completely hooked on Tetris. Even in this day and age, Tetris proves to be one of the most addictive games of all times. Needless to say, Tetris is by far one of the greatest games to be churned out in the 80’s. I play it on my phone all the time. If we only knew in the 80s we were going to be able than do more than just talk on phones...rad.

  • Frogger

    It seems like such a simple idea, all you have to do is make it home! As always it’s not that simple, there are cars, disappearing turtles and floating logs all standing between you and your home. So the question is do you make a dash for glory, or take your time and play it out like a game of chess? This game was truly universal hitting not only the arcades but most consoles of the time.

  • Centipede

    One of the original arcade hits, Centipede again made its way onto numerous consoles. With true 80s blip-blop sounds and "great" graphics, centipede still remains popular with die-hard centipedians. Shooting parts of a centipede and turning them into mushrooms may sound simple, but it spawned a host of clones, as well as a home board game!

  • Pac Man

    It really doesn’t get any more retro than the little yellow greedy guts who used to eat Pac-Dots whilst avoiding those pesky ghosts. The fact that Pacman still lives on to this present day pretty much says it all! Pacman is probably the greatest game ever to be developed by Namco, which is really saying a lot!