If you've ever used craigslist to buy or sell an item, then it's probably not news to you that it can be quite a scary place. Just browsing through almost any section, you're sure to find anything from ridiculous objects labeled as "antiques" to non-working tools and hysterical clothes from past decades. As they say, one man's trash is another man's treasure, right? Looking for the perfect entertainment, we did a local search on the Central Jersey craigslist ourselves and before we knew it, we found some of the weirdest items for sale!

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    "FULL SIZE the Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington STUFFED - $20"

    Freehold, NJ

    All life-sized stuffed ANYTHING is weird, but particularly this 4-foot scary cartoon movie character is very freaky. Unless it's a generic teddy bear won at Six Flags, it's hard to justify why one might own this Jack Skellington figure from the film Nightmare Before Christmas that we found on craigslist. It's even harder to explain the person who spends the $20 to purchase this from the owner.

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    "Lot of Swedish Fossils - $20"

    Kendall Park, NJ

    The reason that we chose this one is primarily based on the random nature of this post. Craigslist is full of diverse items and ads but despite that, this craigslist fossils post stuck out like a sore thumb. The owner even provides the back history of them, mentioning that they were collected on a trip "from the island of Faro by Gotland".

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    "New Tyrannosaurus Rex The TeleMania Collectible Telephone In Box 1994 - $35"

    East Windsor, NJ

    Back in the early 1990s, land-line phones were common. In today's world, these phones seem to be extinct due to the convenience of smartphones. That being said, it's funny that anyone would buy a land-line non-portable phone, let alone this hysterically weird Tyrannosaurus Rex one that we found. It has to be the most embarrassing and awkwardly shaped telephone of all time. Plus, we can't believe the owner is asking for $35!(Are Jurassic Park items really "valuable collectibles"? Is it us?)

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    "Rattlesnake Headress - Rare - $120"

    Jackson, NJ

    We have to give the owner some credit with this one, they were upfront about this item being "rare" from the title. We found it in the clothing/articles section, but by the looks of this rattlesnake headress, craigslist should have instead considered adding categories for horrifying and unusual. Unless this item is used for spirtitual purposes, why would someone put a cobra on his or her head? Check out even more pictures here.

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    Trailer 1 of a Kind Coffin - $2500

    South Jersey

    Saving the best for last, we'd like to share with you this outrageous item. That's right, what you are actually seeing is a trailer/coffin. Not enough room in the car? Apparently, the owner of this coffin wants you to buy theirs for a whopping $2500 to solve your towing problems. They have a sense of humor too - check out the words "Ex Wife" inscribed on the plates and the arm hanging out!