Monday of this week was National Video Games Day, and on that day we take time to appreciate the global video game industry, which has grown into a $100 billion a year business.

How much of that money came from your pocket? C'mon tell the truth. My favorite video game growing up was Ms. Pacman:

I always thought New Jersey could be the home for some great video games. For instance:

  • Deer Hunted: You're maneuvering your car at night through a back road like Route 524 in Millstone while avoiding deer, which seem to come out of nowhere and run in front of you. The windier the road gets, the more they pop out — in most cases quicker than you can brake. Every time you hit one, you rack up damage dollars at the body shop based on what part of the car you hit. Whoever has the least amount of money lost wins.
  • Beach Tag Lady: You try to successfully get on a Jersey beach by avoiding the beach tag lady at every turn. Note: she may be disguised as that girl you're trying to hit on.
  • Lakewood Grand Prix: You attempt to drive through Lakewood avoiding cars and people that are trying to take you out. Think I'm joking? Then take a drive through Lakewood!
  • Camden Crime Scene: You try to avoid being one as you walk through the toughest part of town trying to make it to the Aquarium where hopefully you will not end up sleeping with the fishes
  • Backroads Bingo: You try to find as many alternate routes for the turnpike and parkway that take the least amount of time and cost the least amount of money. Points lost if you're stuck in traffic. Prepare to lose a lot if points!

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