One way or another, the state is looking to bring more money into its coffers.
The problem is how to do it – even though the means may be in defiance of federal law prohibiting one or the other.

So far the state’s been unsuccessful in undoing the ban on legalized sports betting here – a move which would prop up the gaming industry – which as of now seems to be on life support.
The move to move ahead with sports betting has the blessing of the governor – which is rather ironic since he’s a former federal prosecutor, and you would think he would not want to do anything counter to federal law.

Now pit that up against the call to legalize the recreational or medicinal use of marijuana, and he sings another tune. The drug is illegal under federal law and it would make the state a haven for those who either need the drug, or want to use it for recreational purposes.

Either way, isn’t the idea of legalizing one or the other to bring people into the state – by either enjoying a “j” or two and taking in all that Jersey has to offer; or to “legally” place a bet on a favorite sports team.

Alas, there’s no “appetite” (using the Governor’s words) to legalize marijuana – yet the legislature is considering a bill to pave the way for sports betting.

No doubt sports betting would prop up an already moribund gaming industry.

Atlantic City’s casinos are going down the tubes. The horseracing industry could use a good shot in the arm if the measure goes through.

However, marijuana looks to be the bigger draw. How many pot smokers do you think there are vs. gamblers?

To me it’s purely a numbers game.

If I had to choose between the two -I’d go with legalizing marijuana.
And you say?