Those of us who are fat think we've heard all the things that are bad for our metabolism. Such as eating too little when dieting or eating too infrequently, and it slowing down your metabolism and being counterproductive. These 4 things I never heard.

Your foods aren't spicy enough. A study shows people who added red chili pepper to dinner ate 30 percent less. Capsaicin may speed your metabolism according to researchers.

You're not washing your produce. There are pollutants, such as pesticides, on fruits and vegetables. We all know that. The researchers found that, in lab cells, the pollutants were stored in fat tissue where they cause inflammation and affect pathways that regulate metabolism.

You're sitting down. We all know working out boosts your metabolism. Shockingly, it turns out even for people who work out the way they should and meet all the exercise guidelines, sitting for three hours or more per day was associated with a 74 percent increased risk for metabolic syndrome. So you can have a physical job, work out on top of it, and ruin it all by watching TV from 8pm to 11pm? Yikes.

You're not washing your hands. Studies find a common respiratory virus called adenovirus-36 is linked to obesity. They say this virus turns stem cells into fat cells.