Here's an interesting comparison. Take a look and compare two houses.

One is from Upper Saddle River, one of New Jersey's wealthiest towns. Nestled in affluent Bergen County, Upper Saddle River has been home to Jason Kidd, Richard Nixon, Mary J. Blige, and Bill Parcels.

Another is from Camden, the poorest town in New Jersey, where nearly 40 percent of residents live in poverty.

Before you look at these homes, keep in mind the similarities. Both were occupied by human beings. These human beings tired to raise their families here. These families had feelings, pain and joy, just like any. But you have to wonder: Was there substantially more joy for one family than the other?

Make all the comparisons you want as you go through these vastly different homes but keep one thing in mind. There is no way to tell just from these homes which resident was the overall morally better person.

View more photos of the $4,500,000 home for sale in Upper Saddle River, complete with 6 bedrooms, 7 baths, and 9,500 square feet by clicking here.

Then there's this home for sale in Camden, with 3 bedrooms, 1 bath, and 1,728 square feet, a foreclosure home under auction terms listed at $10,000.

You really need to go through these homes pic by pic, room by room. It's amazing to me to see how differently people live in New Jersey.

But again, who was the person with better character? I haven't a clue.

— Jeff Deminski

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