A 3rd grade boy in Covington, Georgia was suspended from school for possession of banned objects. The banned object was the sugary disc candy known as Smarties. It wasn't so much the Smarties that was the eye opener here though. It was the fact that he wasn't eating them. He was snorting them. Snorting them like lines of cocaine.

He was caught smashing one up into a fine powder, forming a line (yes, images of 'Scarface' come to mind), then snorting it through a straw. Where did he learn to do this? Was he seeing something terrible at home and then mimicking it at school? No, he saw another kid, a girl, do the same thing to her Smarties after Halloween in the back of the classroom and he wanted to try it days later.

Turns out as weird as this is, it isn't unheard of. In fact there are YouTube videos of this nonsense going around where kids all over are doing this very thing and calling it a 'sugar rush'. While not drugs, snorting candy crushed into a fine powder like this can have very serious health effects such as brain damage, even death. Insane what parents have to worry about these days, isn't it?