Too much on my mind:

Such as:

Jose Reyes in a Marlins uniform. Now all he need is the fruit bowl on his head to complete the Carmen Miranda look!

Lafayette HS in Brooklyn produced a few baseball luminaries: Sandy Koufax, John Franco, Fred Wilpon. OK, well two out of three ain't bad!

Jon Corzine brings back the dippety doo look to Congress...a la Justin Beiber at the AMA's.

Speaking of missing money, shouldn't former Governors McGreevey and Codey be before Congress telling us where the 8.2 billion or so from the SCA went?

Just saying!

The Beastie Boys in the R and R Hall of Fame as Hip Hop pioneers! BS They should have known the Fatback Band came first....even before "Rapper's Delight!"

I'm buggin!

Rick Perry in the Iowa ad. Talkin' 'bout how simple a time it was before "don't ask, don't tell!

Rockin' the Keith Ledger look from "Brokeback Mountain!"

Isn't it ironic....don'tcha think?

Enough foolishness....the Lunesta just kicked in!