It’s an important time of year for TV show fans. This time of year is when you find out if you’re favorite show will be renewed for next year.

(Credit: Manae Media, ThinkStock)

It’s getting harder and harder to get attached to new shows because networks don’t give as much time for series to catch on like they used to. Both “Seinfeld” and MASH started out with low ratings, but thankfully their networks stayed with them, allowing them to become the icons they became.

Next year you may see more of that - 30 of your favorite shows are coming back!

This is good news for me! I’m a fan returning shows as “The Blacklist,” “Person Of Interest,” “Mike and Molly,” “The Good Wife,” and “Two and A Half Men.”

Of course, we will be saying goodbye to such classics as “Mad Men,” “Boardwalk Empire,” and “Newsroom.”

Check here to find out which TV shows got renewed. Did your shows make the cut?