While the dust settles after last night’s Super Tuesday, the conversation continues on my show. We discussed everything from Cruz exceeding expectations, to Trump winning big, and Rubio staying alive. If it remains a tight race through June, Jersey may play a pivotal role in the general election.

Steve Lonegan: Christie should not resign

The head of Cruz’s New Jersey presidential campaign and former Mayor of Bogota, Steve Lonegan says “Governor Christie has the right to take a side,” referring to Chstie's controversial endorsement of Trump. While Lonegan does not agree with WHO Christie endorsed, Lonegan believes that Christie should not resign.

The former mayor of Bogota says “Senator Cruz has won significantly,” during Super Tuesday. Listen to more of my conversation with Lonegan below.

Caller Larry from route 78 believes Jersey Governor Christie is contradicting himself. “At one point in the race Christie was against Donald Trump calling him a clown. You can still come back and finish out your term,” Larry says.

On the contrary, Peter from Lavallette stated “Gov. Christie has to network himself. He has to show why he is better than his competitor. You can’t hold him accountable for trying to better himself, especially in the political world.”

Do you agree with New Jersey newspapers' calling Gov. Christie to resign? Cast your vote in the poll below.


Christopher Hahn: Jersey could play a deciding factor in general election

Syndicated radio host and political commentator, Christopher Hahn discusses the importance of organization in politics. Haan says that both Hillary for the Democrats and Ted Cruz for the Republicans show great organization in their campaigns.

From the Democratic side, Haan says that it should come down to Hillary. “ Bernie Sanders doesn’t have much left. He'll be around for a while but the chance of him being the nominee is very little," Haan predicts.

 As far as on the Republican side, Haan definitely sees it being a brokered convention. "I'd be a little shocked if Donald Trump didn't win New Jersey. Donald Trump is built for New  Jersey," Haan stated.

Listen to the full interview in the clip below.


Roger Stone: “New Jersey is a tough state for any republican”

NY Times bestselling author, Roger Stone analyzes Marco Rubio’s failed spending on fraudulent Donald Trump ads.

“I had a conversation with Rubio’s financing team: the total spending against Trump was 100 million dollars,” stated Roger Stone. He continued to examine the ads stating they were unsuccessful in the attempt to slow down Donald Trump. “Trump still ran phenomenal numbers and he’s packing heat,” Stone says. In addition, Stone insinuates voter fraud in Arkansas. Listen to more of Stone’s analysis on ineffective republican candidates and Donald Trump succeeding below.

Caller Mary from Elizabeth: 'Innocent black people do not want to be shot in the back by police.'

A caller named Mary from Elizabeth started a very spirited discussion with me regarding police officers. I had mentioned that we as a state need to do whatever we can to help make sure police officers get home safely at night. Mary said that innocent black people do not want to get shot in the back by a cop and they want to make it home as well.

Listen to our full conversation in the clip below.

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