We wrapped up this week discussing topics ranging from the looming NJ Transit strike negotiation to honoring fallen #BlueFriday NJ State Trooper Sean Cullen with a moment of silence. We were also joined by comic Jamie Lissow. During my interview with Lissow, we received a call  from "Deuce Bigalow" star Rob Schneider! It was a great way to wrap up the week!

NJ Transit strike looms

Increased traffic and delayed emergency response time, are the main problems that come to mind as the New Jersey Transit strike looms. Another day comes with another decision yet to be made in the negotiating process for NJ Transit and rail workers union.

Today many callers shared the same sentiment, upset and angered with no agreement in sight for the NJ Transit strike. There seems to be a disconnect between the bosses and union workers, which clearly portrays a battle between union leaders and government.

One caller, who remained anonymous, gave his take as a NJ Transit and Union employee said “Union members are looking for fairness. One thing that hasn’t been reported with the railroad is that we all work weekends, holidays, and family events. We can’t celebrate birthdays with our family because we are working, a lot of sacrifices that people don’t know. We want to be looked at fairly, where most individuals wouldn’t last in our line of work after a few months. I believe Governor Christie is behind this whole thing. It has become a political mess and we keep getting backed in the corner. ”

Moment of Silence for Fallen NJ State Trooper Sean Cullen

NJ 101.5 sends their thoughts and prayers to the family of our fallen NJ State Trooper Sean Cullen. This morning on air we offered a moment of silence, as we honored fallen State Trooper Cullen as the #BlueFriday honoree. At the site of a car fire, Cullen was fatally injured by an oncoming vehicle on I-295 in West Deptford. The Cinnaminson resident is survived by a 9-month-old son and fiancée. After going to college for Criminal Justice, Cullen dreamed of being a trooper. As we mourn the loss of our fallen trooper, let us honor him by offering financial assistance to the GoFundMe page, which raised more than $85,000.

Comedian Jamie Lissow grades Garden State joke tellers and Rob Schneider calls in

‘Norm of North’ and ‘Real Rob’ writer and actor, Jamie Lissow secured a career in comedy. Comedian Rob Schneider, who called in today to give his take on Lissow was absolutely hysterical.  Schneider says “It must be a slow day for you. If I was on the road listening I would have swerved. Schneider told Lissow "You gotta bring your gold. You are on air with Bill. Let’s Go Baby!"

As far as for working at the Stress Factory himself, Schneider has fond memories. Schneider said "I had a great time, Stress Factory is a great club. I worked with some of the greats and Jamie Lissow is one of them. This guy is a star." Listen to Rob's entire call below.

After an hour filled with some of Jersey worst jokes, Lissow gives his take on Jersey’s comedic delivery. From doctor jokes, Flintstone jokes, birth defect jokes, and more; possibly some of the worst jokes to date. See LouAnn’s Flintstone joke below.

Jamie Lissow responded to the joke later saying “I just don’t understand why he still has three toes? Were two longer? Does he have 3 strong toes?”

The Fred Flinstone joke was  by far was one of the worst jokes all morning. Jersey joke tellers that called in throughout the show received a grade of “D” from Lissow.

Jamie Lissow will be performing live at the Stress Factory this weekend and be sure to watch him on season two of Netflix’s "Real Rob."

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