We all know New Jersey has flaws when it comes to tourism, public safety, and the way the state law is structured. On today's show, we detailed how I would save Atlantic City, we also spoke with John Heinlein about his decision to call police after seeing an unattended bag, and discussed the new bill looking to reduce minor gun possession charges.

Bill Spadea elaborates on how he would save Atlantic City.

Atlantic City Mayor Don Guardian downplayed the state’s takeover plan, and that he and other state lawmakers are proposing a different economical plan. 8,000 people lost their jobs after four casino closures in 2014, and more and more people are choosing to travel to Pennsylvania to gamble.

I’m opposed to any other casinos being built elsewhere in New Jersey, because our priority needs to be fixing Atlantic City. Government involvement and the minimum standard is what’s hurting Atlantic City. I bring up the point that you can gamble in a deli in Vegas. We should be able to do that in New Jersey too.

So how else do we fix Atlantic City? We should “empower small businesses and take advantage of the revenue and demand on gaming.” We want the mom and pop pizza joints and hoagies shops. Everyone is already gambling everywhere, might as well encourage it and create new revenue.

The full plan on how I would save Atlantic City is in the clip below:


North Bergen's John Heinlein defends his decision to call police regarding an unattended bag.

If you see something, would you say something, or do you hold your breath? North Bergen resident John Heinlein wasn’t taking any chances during a bus ride home from South Carolina after he saw an unattended bag, and for that I called him a “hero”.

John Heinlein called in to the show today to defend his reasoning for calling authorities when he felt uncomfortable. John says, “I just wanted the bag off the bus; no one was going to stop me from getting that bag off the bus.”

John made calls to the Delaware State Police, the New Jersey State Police and Port Authority, to which everyone replied with, “what does that mean?” He then told me that he finally called 911 as he gets toward the Holland Tunnel.

Everyone was starting to give him an earful. John didn't care because he didn't feel safe and said, “It was just for me.” John also mentioned how the bus driver at one point asked him to get off the bus. The irony of the story is when Port Authority took John inside for his statement, he had to leave his bag on the bus.

On the lighter side, in the last minute or so of the interview, John details some of the roles he’s been in as an actor, including work with Artie Lange and Bruce Willis.

Listen to my full interview with John Heinlein in the clip below:


NJ Assemblyman Jon Bramnick plans to introduce new legislation regarding minor gun possession charges.

After yesterday’s show surrounding Carlo Bellario, Assemblyman Jon Bramnick revealed new legislation that would loosen misdemeanor gun possession laws. This latest legislation would distinguish the bad guys with guns from the good guys with no intention to harm.

Bramnick mentioned yesterday that "if you could prove by clear evidence that there was no intent to break the laws", it should be an exception to gun laws in this state. In the case of Carlo Bellario, he was simply filming a scene for a movie with an airsoft gun, and now faces up to ten years in prison.

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