As I celebrate getting another year older with the NJ 101.5 crew, we had some extremely heartfelt topics. Our topics ranged from how we should really be reacting to the war on terror. We even honored #BlueFriday recipient, 7-year-old honorary Officer Liam Lindsey, who is battling Leukemia, for being such an amazing inspiration to us all.   
Reigning in with Presents 
As I kicked off my show on the air, I was surprised when Priscilla came in to hand me a present. With no discussion of my birthday, I came in like it was a normal day. Leave it up to the New Jersey 101.5 team to surprise me with a punching bag. I've been talking about putting a punching bag in the studio just about every morning. Although I'm no Rocky, I took my best shot at the punching bag. I would like to thank New Jersey 101.5 for celebrating another year. 
Watch my surprise as I kick off the show and get surprised by the staff below.
Preventative Action on the War on Terror
After the Brussels attack, many people flooded social media expressing their sympathy with #PrayforBrussels campaign and even  changing their Facebook or Twitter pages with the colors of the flag. The real reaction we should have is anger. An unavoidable accident, like a flood or tsunami, is wholly appropriate for sadness. Should we just have all the flags ready and wait for the next attack so we know what color to use on our hash tags out? Or should we get aggressively serious on this war on terror and start taking drastic action?
Civilized society wins by being vigilant. I’m not sad, I’m angry because I have a daughter living in London and I don’t think Europeans are up to the task of thwarting ongoing terror plots.  Listen to more on how you can stand strong on the war against terrorism below.  
Caller Jay from Newark shares my sentiment to an extent, saying "We need to fight back. Your daughter is in London and you never know what is going to happen. If we fight back the media makes us look like the bad guy and they (the terrorists) are the victim."
Here's where Jay decided that he thought we were going to disagree. Jay correlates African Americans feelings about police with the War on Terrorism. Jay continued by saying "I'm going to say something that might piss you off. The truth hurts. Everything I said (about terrorism) is how black people feel about police officers." Listen to the full call on YouTube below. 

#BlueFriday 7 year old Liam Lindsey "Inspires Us All"
This week's #BlueFriday recipient is a very special young man. Liam's dream to become a cop speaks volumes to the respect many kids have for law enforcement. He's fighting this battle against Leukemia with so much hope. Recently, Liam's dream came true, after he became an honorary officer for the Gloucester Township Police department. Today we honor Liam Lindsey for #Blue Friday.  
His mother, Lauren Lindsey called in to say “You actually wouldn't know he had it (leukemia). He is very energetic. Liam is a brave little boy that has some side affects with his treatment but plows right through it.  He inspires us all. He became fascinated with firefighters, police officers, and anyone that can help others. He’s done very well with his treatments, he had some setbacks. He remains optimistic. He will end his treatment at the end of the year. When the police cars came to the front and back of my home escorting us. Making him feel like he was the president. It was amazing.” 
You can now call him Officer Liam Lindsey. Hear the full call with Lauren Lindsey and our very special 7-year-old #BlueFriday honoree below.