This morning a lot of the conversation was surrounded on a report that states NJ residents would pay more at the pump if it meant better roads. Dedicating money is only part of the problem here. Listen to my rant about it below.

Do our listeners feel that same sentiment? I was disappointed with the results of the survey, so I decided to take our own poll.  Knowing that the cost of roads in NJ are the highest, we put up a poll on Twitter asking if NJ residents still want the gas tax. According to our results so far, it contradicts the survey by the Garden State Public Affairs for AAA Northeast. Check out our results below and cast your vote.

I recently had Senator Mike Doherty on who said that if we ever were to have a gas tax, the main importance would be to spend wisely.  You can listen to that full interview below.

Sticking with the gas tax, based on some of former DOT Commissioner Jamie Fox's comments, he provides us even more reasons to oppose it.

A caller asks about the battle that will take place between parties over Judge Scalia's vacated seat and I explain to him which partisan fighting isn't necessarily a bad thing.

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