We wrapped up the week in style discussing a wide variety of topics from the GOP debate last night to the Oscar awards and we even got a chance to speak to our #BlueFriday honoree.

As I live Tweeted the debate last night, I got a little hungry and noticed there was an amazing chocolate cake just sitting in our kitchen. So what did I do? I took a big piece for myself of course! Only problem was, my wife didn't bake it for me. Listen to the entire chocolate cake debacle in the YouTube clip below.

Senator Tom MacArthur joined me on the show to talk about President Obama's persistence to close Guantanamo Bay. MacArthur discusses how the president wants to move dangerous people to American soil. MacArthur notes that 30% of those that have been let out of Guantanamo have already returned to terrorist activity.  The congressman notes that it's just "nuts" that the president is trying to follow through on a campaign promise that was misguided from the start. Listen to the entire interview below.

I've been so wrapped with all the political debates, I admittedly don't even know what movies are up for Oscars this year. That's why I invited gossip columnist Colleen Christian Burke to give her insight as to who may be walking away with the hardware this year. Burke says this year there isn't much doubt that "it's all about Leonardo and Stallone," burks confidently stated.  Burke also tells a funny story about Matt Damon as well. Listen to the interview below

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