Wow is the only way to explain the way we finished up the week on air today. We had another big endorsement for Donald Trump. We also honored a very special group of #BlueFriday recipients from Camden Police. Then to wrap everything up, we welcomed actor and comedian Craig Robinson live in studio to lighten things up and give away tickets to his show at the Stress Factory this weekend.

Trump Supporters Reject Labels of Racism and Bigotry

The Garden State can be a deciding factor in the Presidential primary. Trump supporters flooded the phone lines this morning and are rejecting racist and bigot labels. Many state this is more about the jobs. No one wants to have a conversation any more but label a Trump supporter ass a racist. It’s possible Trump will do even better in New Jersey, than in New York. The reasoning for having a a secret ballot is fear of opposition by non supporters. I say "Stand up above the fray.

New York Observer Editor-in-Chief, Ken Kurson states Trump has evolved into a much better candidate. Listen to the full conversation below.

Editor of the Observer, Ken Kerson, called in to the show to explain the decision to endorse Donald Trump for president. 

#BlueFriday Camden County  Sgt. Allen Williams and Lt. Zsakhiem James  praise canine dogs

K9 officer Achilles, along with Lt. Zsakhiem James and his handler Sgt. Allen Williams visited us today to be our #BlueFriday honorees. No ordinary dog can become a member of the police force. When choosing a dog, Sergeant Allen Williams says the officers are very selective.  The dogs work for positive reinforcements like "good boy" or a pat on the head, not for treats. K9 officer Achilles is protective of his family yet, at the same time he understands the difference between catching a victim and spending time with family. I would like to thank this week's #BlueFriday recipients, K9 officer Achilles, Lt. James and Sgt. Williams. 

K9 officers like Achilles and Zero bridge the gap between the community and their handlers. Canine dogs specifically help fight crimes and go places police officers can't. Lieutenant Zsakhiem James recounts a story where his beloved fallen K9 officer Zero saved the day by stopping a criminal in an attic space who stabbed someone. Hear the full story in the YouTube clip below. We want to make Camden Sgt. Williams, Lt. James, and K9 officer Achilles this weeks #BlueFriday honoree for going above and beyond the call of duty.

Craig Robinson: "Every second on stage counts"

Actor and comedian Craig Robinson joined us live in studio this morning, for some much needed laughter. Craig serenaded me at the very beginning of the hour with a song called  "Spadea." Listen to Craig discuss dating life, future, dating sites, mastering emotions and being a former music teacher on the YouTube clip below. It is quite hysterical. If you want to lighten up your Friday, make sure you watch Craig Robinson live at Vinnie Brand's Stress Factory in New Brunswick.

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