We were definitely fired up on today’s morning show. From calling out New Jersey republicans, to discussing the ongoing trend of ‘outmigration’ in the Garden State, we touched on a bunch of topics that are passionate to our listeners. We were even joined by  Rock of Ages star Constantine Maroulis and producer Barry Habib.

Calling Out NJ  Republicans

The reality is the republicans didn’t take advantage of the fact that two-thirds of the Garden State do not want a gas tax. The NJ Business and Industry Association Report used ‘outmigration,’ which examined the highest negative ratio of people leaving our state compared to incoming of any state in the country. Two million people left the state, which equated to 18 billion dollars. Every year we are losing 2 billion dollars by residents who have gotten fed up and are moving out!

Why do we accept compromise as a voter? The cost of living has to come down, as the government begins to burden you with a job that barely pays. We are misguided with a compromise since 2011 with no effective cap for taxes. The taxes for many have exceeded that so-called 2% cap.

Hey Senator Jenn Beck and Assemblywoman Amy Handlin -- why don’t you focus on the problems that are impacting every day working New Jerseyians rather than calling for Governor Christie to resign?

Want to know what the real problems are in the NJ? Here's a great example. Caller Eric from Stockton voiced his frustration over the estate tax firsthand after his relative passed away. “I had an attorney and found out that I had to pay 54 thousand dollars in taxes for a house I inherited,” says Eric. Although, he will be #digginin, and staying in NJ, Eric acknowledges that “it hurts” financially.

Outmigration rant

The republicans are hypocrites- specifically Senator Jennifer Beck and Senator Kip Bateman, after both called for Governor Christies to resign. I have to believe independent voters are rolling their eyes at this and saying to themselves "this is why I'm an independent voter." This is why the republicans have emigrated to minority status in the state.

The NJBIA has come out with a new report that started the term "Outmigration." Over 9 years, we've lost 2 million people. Think about that for a second. Lost tax revenue, lost household spending, all GONE.

But here comes their fix:

Two suggestions the NJBIA has: 1) Eliminate or reduce the estate tax because it is a burden. 2) Taxes on pension. Why would people want to stay in a state that taxes their pension? That's a big reason why people are moving out, to keep all the money.

But in reality, the people that pay taxes on their pension make up 4% of the population in NJ. Here's were the political fix comes in. Let's do away or drastically reduce with the inheritance tax and raise the threshold for your pension that is tax exempt.  That number that they would lose as state income, is almost the exact amount that they would gain if the state implements a gas tax. So the small minority gains and the large portion of the state that commutes, winds up paying more. Unbelievable!

Listen to more of my rant on the NJ republicans as well as how the whole concept of the NJ gas tax is a sham in the clip below.

Michelle Siekerka, the spokesperson for The New Jersey Business and Industry Association examines her report that I referenced earlier in the show. Michelle says that building up our young workforce is key to keeping them in the state.

President of The NJ State Chamber of Commerce Tom Bracken later called in to discuss why NJ needs to lay out all the problems on the table and fix them in a "unified, holistic manner," to really get the state back on track.

Listen to my interview with Tom in the clip below.

Constantine Maroulis and Barry Habib

We rounded out the final hour with two very special guests. Tony-nominated Rock of Ages star and former American Idol contestant, Constantine Maroulis, was joined alongside Rock of Ages producer, Barry Habib.  Habib discussed Constantine's vital role in development of the lead character Drew.

When asked about Gianna Isabella, one of this season's American Idol contestants,  Constantine says “I think it's a great story, she's super young, she's got talent there,  great background with her mom. It's a great story. Ultimately, you know, I don't envy the young people that are on these shows. It's so hard, man. It's so overwhelming. It's hard to go from there. I don't envy your life potentially peaking out at 15-years old. I think she'll do fine."

Watch the entire interview with Constantine Maroulis in the clip below.

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