The heated rants continue this week on the my show. From my rant on NJ politicians attempting to legislate parenting responsibilities, to Governor Christie celebrating an anniversary as the NJ Transit strike looms, we had plenty to debate over. We even received an update from Mike Maron with what's going with the possible healthcare tiers and how it will effect Catholic hospitals in NJ.

NJ politicians attempt to legislate parenting responsibilities

Garden State lawmakers are looking to mandate parents' duties, when it comes to  teaching their teenagers how to drive. Instead of putting the onus on the parents, how about offering road time instead of gym classes during high school? What would happen with working families without a car? What about single parents working two jobs to make ends meet? How do they find the time to make this happen?

The legislation would mandate anyone under the age of 21 for 50 hours of practice driving, including 10 hours at night. More misguided legislation based on states that don’t explain the entire picture. Listen to more of my rant below.

Governor Christie needs to help fix the looming NJ Transit strike

As New Jersey Transit strike threatens to debilitate commuters, Governor Christie will be celebrating his 30th anniversary away from the Garden State. Should Governor Christie continue with his vacation plans despite the threatened NJ Transit strike? Or should he implement hands on leadership? Cast your vote in our Twitter poll and listen to my full rant below.

Mike Maron: “6 out of 7 Catholic hospitals are excluded from healthcare providers”

President of Holy Name Medical Center, Mike Maron, called in to update us on the Healthcare Committee hearing that occurred yesterday.  Maron emphasized that NJ needs “transparency” in healthcare provider tiers and that everyone should be given the same opportunity. The central issue among the Catholic hospitals was the lack of three instrumental factors in determining tiers: 1) Transparency 2) Open and competitive market 3) Objective Criteria.

The rules that Maron and the hospitals are looking for is that it should not be left up to one major provider and that it should be an open, clear, objective criteria that all participants should have the ability to respond to. Currently 6 of the 7 Catholic hospitals left in NJ are excluded from the tiers currently.  Listen to more of my conversation with Mike Maron below.

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