We continued this week with a very lively show today. We talked about topics that ranged anywhere from how NJ needs to push towards legalizing marijuana, to my rant on anti-Muslim discrimination. We even had our very own Jersey Girl, Gianna Isabella from American Idol stop in to discuss her future plans. Today’s show was unforgettable.

The debate over religious discrimination

US Attorney Paul Fishman will be examining allegations of discrimination towards New Jersey’s Muslim residents. Fishman's says that one of the largest issues since 9/11 is the anti-Muslim discrimination. The Justice Department is partnering with other federal agencies to address religious discrimination in local communities.

One caller George from 73 says, “I don’t see Catholics and Buddhists doing anything like the  Muslims. We shouldn’t govern foreign laws(sharia law), we should govern under the context of American laws.”

Since 9/11 the government has thwarted 69 terrorists attacks occurred under the sharia law, which states that anyone from another religion should receive harsh penalties. Listen to more of my anti-muslim rant below.

Gianna Isabella discusses future plans and more 

Fox’s American Idol Top 10 contestant, Gianna Isabella, joins the conversation at the 8 o’ clock to discuss her future plans and more.

“It’s really good to be back in New Jersey, but I loved it in California. Now that I'm back I will start writing more original songs,” Gianna says.

Gianna believes age was not a deciding factor on her getting eliminated from American Idol. “I don’t think it is because of my age. It is how much experience you have in your voice. Jordin Sparks won when she was 16. Regardless I prepared myself to be in the bottom 3, I redeemed myself. I was going to sing my heart out no matter what,” she said.

Although, Gianna’s appearance has changed, her bubbly attitude has not. Pop star and mother, Brenda K Starr joined the discussion on her daughter's recent look saying, “they offered to color her hair. Gianna was all for it. It looked really good on camera. I thought the red lipstick was a bit too much. ”

Gianna’s “go hard or go home” attitude is just what it takes to be successful in life. Jackson native views her elimination on American Idol as a victory. She will be taking dance classes, become an author, work on original songs, and start acting school. The girl has a great head on her shoulders. Watch my full interview with Gianna joined by mother, Brenda K Starr below.

A push towards medical marijuana use in the Garden State

The distinction between recreational marijuana and medical use is immense. Medical marijuana could be instrumental to a child suffering from cancer. Why can’t it be sold by my pharmacist? Making someone a criminal because they are using it to treat an illness, is unjustifiable.

“The state's medical marijuana laws are a joke. It’s a shame I have to go to the projects in Trenton, in order to get pot. I’m not stupid enough to grow it. I’m going to hit,” caller Pete from Ewing says. Pete then allegedly inhaled marijuana, a morning show first.  Listen to the call below.

NJ Weedman, Ed Forchion, calls in to give his take on why he believes Trenton Police are violating his religious freedom by forcing him to close his cannabis temple. Forchion is definitely no stranger to pushing the envelope of legal limits, but he called in to give his side of the story

“I formed it as a religious center. It was a plan from the very beginning. Ordinance in a city that doesn’t allow anyone in Trenton to be open after 10. On one side I have a restaurant and on another I have a religious temple. Temples are open 24 hours —why am I not allowed to have religious freedom? They need to understand that no one is working from 7 to 4,” says Weedman. Listen to more of my conversation with Weedman below.

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