The breaking news of terrorist attacks in Brussels changed the direction of our show this morning. We focused on airport security and how we can keep New Jersey safe from terrorist attacks. We even had NJ actor/comedian, Carlo Bellario update us on his gun violation charge that will be going to court today.

President Eisgruber welcoming Pro-Bin Laden rally
Instant criticism surrounds Princeton University President, Christopher Eisgruber, after he said that the university would welcome a Pro- Osama Bin Laden rally. It’s vocal absurdity. When, a US Ambassador caused controversy in India surrounding an Indian separatist rally, Indian politicians were outraged and said we doubt Americans would allow this to happen. Then, academic elitist, Eisgruber has to be the first one to speak up and say that he presides over a university that would allow a celebration of terrorists. This is the same university President that believes in safe speech. The ignorance and hypocrisy is offensive! Is it time for academic elitist, like Christopher Eisgruber to be removed?

Let’s maximize airport security

Expect major delays and increased security, today after terrorist attacks in Brussels, Belgium airport and subway take place.  That's ok though, as we have to be vigilant! As my daughter comes from London tonight, I can’t imagine how long I’ll be waiting. I don’t think it’s a crazy idea to extend security to the baggage claim area and profile passengers. A change needs to occur to the core procedures. Israel airport security profiles their passengers, it works. United States needs to do the same.

Newark Airport flight attendant, Katie states “People are oblivious. Can we handle what happens at Brussels? Absolutely not. We are completely understaffed. When you said Israel airport profiling, I said you hit the nail on the head. I feel safe some days, other days I don’t. People are socially inclined and unaware. Political correctness creates weakness.”

Former home security officer, Jim discusses the effectiveness of having roaming security guards that will could terrorist attacks. Jim states “they (roaming security guards) keep them (terrorists) off guard.” Also another option he provided was to have identification at all times. If there is no ID you should not be allowed on property. “It’s a trade off.”

Do you think we have done enough to keep our New Jersey airports safe? We need to act on the effectiveness of our law enforcement and increase the presence of  police officers and guard dogs.  If they completely change airport security, I'm totally fine with it.

Listen to me discuss whether or not we are prepared for a terror attack in the clip below.

Carlo Bellario: "I'm going to keep fighting for my life"

NJ comedian and actor, Carlo Bellario is facing five years in prison for having a toy gun on the set of a movie. Today, Carlo will be going to his first pre-indictment conference after being charged by prosecutors for a gun violation while using a toy gun on a movie set.

Carlo says his frame of mind is much like the Rocky IV movie in a figurative sense. Bellario referenced Rocky's trainer in the movie and his inspirational words to Rocky.  Bellario stated "You have to fight and fight, this is your whole life. You have to punch and punch until you can't punch no more. That's my mentality, whether it's wrong or right, I don't know but we'll see." Bellario continued, saying that he is also grateful for the support  “I’m going to stay strong no matter what. Thank you to the support of New Jersey 101.5, I don’t know what I would do without you."

Listen to Bellario's full interview with me in the clip below.

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