The passionate discussions continued this week on my show. From the possible NJ Transit strike debacle, to Roger Stone joining to discuss the “Trumpnado” phenomenon. We even went live on Periscope. Today was definitely filled with plenty of energy.

Photo Credit: Chris Swendeman

Are you ready for NJ Transit Strike?

Garden State residents could find themselves baffled while figuring out an alternate route if the NJ Transit strike happens. If NJ Transit does not come to an agreement before Sunday, beware of the traffic nightmares that will ensue. Can you envision traffic jammed highways, packed buses, and even crammed Metro-North cars? Brace yourself because it could happen.

Do you have a contingency plan if NJ transit goes on strike? Cast your vote below.


Roger Stone: “Trumpnado” Surges in Non-establishment Votes

NY Times best-selling author, Roger Stone, calls to stress the “TrumpNado”movement.  Stone says “Donald surged in votes as establishments desperately tried to defame Donald Trump by calling him a fascist and a Nazi. Donald is on track to win presidential election, being considered one of the better communicators. The idea of his mafia ties are just regurgitated crap.”

On Stone’s recent Twitter post, he says “We followed Mitt Romney and John McCain and they lead us down the path to DEFEAT. Why would we listen to them now?”  Look at more of Roger Stone’s tweets below.

Caller Katie gave her perspective being an educated minority female listener what is the fascinated vote for Hillary Clinton. I think she just wants the title for the First woman to be elected president. What matters to me is being able to pay for my daughter’s college. It’s an embarrassment. I support Trump.”

Periscope Live Event

We tried something new today, as I live streamed on Periscope over 800 people watched; from the hours of 7 to 7:30. Over 1,000 people watched this morning broadcast live on Periscope, it was definitely a hit.  Follow @BillSpadea live on Periscope.

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