Happy Saint Patrick's Day to all of our listeners, as we continue the week. Our topics ranged from some of our staff not getting the memo about St. Patrick's Day, to my rant on an assemblywoman banning texting while driving. We were even joined by our very own Jersey Girl and former American Idol star Jax.  Today's show was unforgettable. If you missed it here are the daily points.

Are you wearing green?

March 17th is no ordinary day, it is Saint Paddy's Day!  Time to get out your green outfits. It seems as though a few of NJ 101.5 morning staffers did not get the memo this morning. Bob Williams and I were the only one's celebrating in Saint Patrick's Day fashion. Bob will be celebrating with a million spectators at the New York City's Saint Patrick's annual parade. Bob can expect to see many shades of green at the parade. Are you wearing green today? How are you celebrating St. Patricks Day? Send your photos to our Twitter handle  @nj1015 and @billspadea .

Texting while walking will cost you jail time

Imposing a $50 dollar fine and a 15-day jail time sentence for texting while walking is absurd. Recently, one lawmaker Pamela Lampitt has proposed a bill that would enforce harsher penalties to those who text and walk. Why can't anyone multitask anymore? I multitask on a daily basis, when I'm on air I am looking through my phone, writing an email, and even posting on social media. I don't think this law is the right step, if anything this law is another way for New Jersey legislature to enforce a law based on emotional guidelines, rather than factual information. Should you go to jail for texting while walking? 

Caller Emil from South Brunswick said, “If someone is stupid enough to text while walking, they should not be able to sue the driver.”

On the contrary, caller Jessica from Philadelphia discussed her frustration on why they should pass a law that stops texting while walking. She said that she recently experienced a jogger texting while running, who caused her to have an accident running into her car and breaking her hood and windshield. Jessica faces thousands of dollars in damages.

Jax sells out Webster Hall

Today we celebrated St. Patrick's Day in style, with singer and songwriter Jax from American Idol. Jax recently sold out Webster Hall for an upcoming show. Jax discusses her own evolution saying "You can call it an evolution or you can call it growing. I currently have no image in mind really. I work out really hard. I am just running seven miles a day. I run outside but I don't text."

Jax gives one lucky caller Rick tickets after he sings his rendition of "I'm on Fire" from Bruce Springsteen. Rick from Brick said "my heart is beating a mile a minute." He also revealed to Jax that when she sang 'unconditional' he teared.

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