Rescue crews in Middletown pulled a 14-year-old girl from the icy waters of Sandy Hook Bay Tuesday afternoon and helped 2 others make their way to safety.

A girl who fell through the ice is pulled out of Sandy Hook Bay in Middletown (ABC 7)

The rescue of the teen took place in the waters just off Leonard Avenue in Sandy Hook. The girl had climbed out along an outflow pipe shortly before falling into the bay at about 2:30 p.m. Tuesday.

ABC 7 says the girl had apparently stepped off the pipe. A friend, one of two others with the girl, ran for help and two volunteer rescue workers arrived to pull her from the slushy 30-degree water.  An ambulance took the teen to Riverview Medical Center in Holmdel for treatment of possible hypothermia, according to NBC 4 New York.

"She had managed to get herself up onto an ice floe she had fallen through (and) got herself back up onto the ice," rescuer Jack Hueston told ABC 7. "We told her she was going to get wet and cold again on the way in but she was a trooper and hung with it."

The girl's father said he cried after finding out about his daughter's rescue. "For them to put their life on the line like they do, there is no word for it," he told ABC 7."I just want to thank the guys who risk their lives, volunteers, doing the job that they do."

Two other people managed to walk along the jetty to safety, ABC 7 reported.

Dan Alexander contributed to this report.