This comes from Matt McCusker of Wall Street Insanity, and on the surface it's a sarcastic somewhat mean spirited indictment against the finest women in the world.

Deeper down though, if you read the preamble you realize it's more of a tongue in cheek love letter to his wife, a Jersey girl. My personal favorites are numbers 10 (Ask Her How The Gas Pump Works), 15 (She’s A Diner Snob) and 21 (Her Property Taxes Are Through The Roof).

Number 22 against Chris Christie is just cruel.

22. She Loves Chris Christie, But Thinks He Needs To Work On His Body

Before you even think of taking a look at this link be warned that it does contain graphic and harsh language, so if you're offended by such don't bother.

If you have any other ways to tell a girl is from New Jersey, feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section below.