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1) Do you agree with the double standard that treats female teacher having sex with male students differently than the other way around?

2) Do you feel that kids should be sitting on Yoga balls in class…some are replacing desk chairs…or do you feel it’s too hippy dippy?

3) Do you feel that schools in New Jersey should adopt a school uniform policy or should they allow kids to be “creative” and wear sayings like "juicy' across their asses? Vineland just did. How vile were yours if you went to a parochial school.

4) Senator Menendez – Fugazy or not, and do we care? I'm betting yes and no!

5) Do you approve or disapprove of the job that Governor Christie is doing, even though you may not approve of some of his policies? And were he to run for President against Hillary Clinton, he'd still lose the state! What's up with that!

6) Where do you find the greatest number of red light camera that cause accidents? Lawrence seems to hold that title so far.

7) Revel is filing for bankruptcy…why do you feel Revel has never really gotten off the ground? Don't you like it?

8) What are some of the wacked out dances you used to do back in the day….the new one is the The Harlem Shake…a smash here in New Jersey! Admit it, you did the Hully Gully and the Funky Chicken!

9) Are you getting fit for the summer and how are you going about it….there’s a new West Coast fitness craze coming to Jersey Shore.

10) Should a 'Pastafarian' … which is the religion that believes in the flying spaghetti monster, … have taken off the spaghetti strainer from his head in order to take a drivers license picture?

11)Competition is eliminated in a youth soccer league. They will stop keeping score, and not list the standings of the individual teams. Do you feel it’s better to eliminate scoring; or a hippy dippy approach?

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