In many ways, New Jersey is a tale of two states. A state divided. Our allegiances to sports teams, what we call the confection we "sprinkle" on top of our ice cream, what we refer to certain kinds of sandwiches as, all prove there are two cultures within one state. So the question often isn't whether there are two Jerseys but more where is the divide.

I was born and raised and still have family in Union County. So I loved the Mets as a kid (yeah yeah yeah, I know) and I was raised hearing the terms sub sandwiches and sprinkles on our ice cream. The first time I heard jimmies and hoagies, I thought it sounded ridiculous. These 22 maps are far more than just the cultural differences though. It's about wealth and taxes, suicide rates and air pollution, and political party strongholds. They're interesting as well as entertaining and if you're a New Jersey native like me you'll want to share this with everyone one you know.