Halloween is right around the corner and before you know it, you're going to need an awesome costume to wear to a party, trick or treating or wherever else you'll be celebrating the holiday. Halloween enthusiasts are already beginning to start brainstorming costumes for the upcoming spooky holiday season so you don't want to get left behind! Halloween is all about the creativity and what could be more creative than creating a likeness of a New Jersey icon?

New Jerseyans, start preparing for Halloween with some of these amazing idea for "Jersey-fied" costumes!


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    Chris Christie

    The current Jersey governor is now representing the state on the national stage, as he runs for the Republican candidate for the 2016 Presidential Campaign. If you don't have a problem being loud and telling it like it is, Chris Christie might be an easy costume for you!

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    The 19 year old East Brunswick singer took the American Idol world by storm when she finished third in the show's fourteenth season. If you put an "x" under your left eye walk around with an iced coffee from Dunkin Donuts, you got yourself a Halloween costume.

  • 3

    Teresa or Joe Guidice

    Teresa and Joe Guidice are reality stars on The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Currently, Teresa is serving jail time for bankruptcy fraud. Teresa is almost finished with her 15 month sentence, while Joe will be serving a 41 month sentence when Teresa is released. I don't recommend going around flipping tables and screaming at your friends on Halloween, but if you wear flashy and gaudy clothing you should be all set. For Joe, just say "you know?" after every sentence.

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    Carli Lloyd

    Carli Lloyd, from Delran, scored the fastest hat trick in World Cup History as she lead the U.S. Women's National team to a 5-2 win over Japan. She scored three goals in the first 16 minutes to take the sport's most important trophy from Japan, who won in 2011 in penalty kicks. If you're athletic enough, dribble a soccer ball while you wear red, white, and blue. You can also try wearing an empty Trix box on your head, get it?

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    'The Typical Jersey Tourist'

    I'll let you guys choose mix and match for this costume, but nobody likes the person who visits New Jersey and is clueless on how to act. For example, walking really slow on the boardwalk or wearing the exact clothes that the Jersey Shore cast wore on the show. This one is up to you guys! However you portray and analyze Jersey tourists, go for it!

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    Fetty Wap

    If you love hip hop and you're from New Jersey, you would know that hottest up and coming rapper is from Paterson. His first album comes out in the next two weeks So, if you want to stump people on Halloween and Fetty Wap crazed teenagers, ask him what town he is from.